When Things Don’t Go As Planned…

I didn’t get my run in today.

I was all dressed and ready – physically *and* mentally – for a tougher tempo interval workout. I was just waiting for a delivery van to come and pick up the pinball machines we’re loaning to a huge pinball and arcade show this weekend. The van showed up pretty quickly, but accidentally snagged the power lines to the house, partially ripping them out.

The power company recommended I not try to skirt around a mostly-but-not-fully-down wire (they just don’t understand runners!). So I spent the rest of the morning, with no electricity, waiting for that to get fixed. I figure it was the universe telling me I needed to take a few hours to sit quietly and read a book. I also realized it’s pretty amazing that I’ve become a person that looks forward to running so much. 

As for those tempo intervals? They’re rescheduled for tomorrow.

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