There will be bad days

The first five miles today were tough. The last mile was pure torture.

My legs felt like someone hollowed out tree trunks and filled them with lead (I’m guessing/hoping it’s left over from Monday’s long run).

At mile two, I didn’t think I was going to be able to finish. But I told myself, “one more mile.” I had to stop and take extra breaks, which is unusual for me. I questioned why I do this to myself.

In short, it SUCKED.

The last mile was scheduled as a continuous run with gradual pace increase. It was entirely a lesson on digging deep when you had absolutely nothing left in the tank. I pushed through and finished – but it wasn’t pretty. In fact, I’d say today probably ranked in my top five worst runs ever. But I got it done. And I know now that it would take a LOT to make my upcoming five miles on Saturday and eight on Sunday *worse*

There will always be bad runs. And a ton of “okay” runs. But it will be worth it when you have those amazing runs where you feel like nothing can stop you.

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