Lottery Day – Chicago Edition!

Today is when many of us runners are frantically checking our credit card statements and refreshing our emails, waiting to hear if we got a coveted lottery spot for the 2019 Chicago Marathon. As a thoroughly okay, middle-to-back-of-the-pack runner, the lotteries are by far my best chance of getting into the big, popular races. And I’ve had lousy lottery luck the last several weeks, getting rejections for the NYC Half Marathon and the Berlin Marathon. The last two years, I received my notifications for Chicago early in the morning. So I was starting to sweat it when 8 am was closing in, it was getting light enough to run outside, and I still hadn’t seen either a pending credit card charge or an email (I even dressed for my run especially for the occasion).

I had to take care of something before leaving the house for an easy (or sexy) three mile  run, and decided to hit the refresh key one more time. Lo and behold, that magical email popped up in my inbox with good news. I’ll be running the Chicago Marathon once more in 2019! That news, alone, made today’s run one of the best in a long time despite the constant drizzle. I’m hoping 2019 will be a redemption run, of sorts, for my 2018 performance. I started this year injured and it just went downhill from there. From mile six on, it took every ounce of mental fortitude to keep pushing through to the next mile and to not DNF. So far, this looks like the only marathon on my schedule for 2019 (although I’ll be crossing my fingers for luck in the NYC Marathon lottery). I’ll be focusing early in the year on half-marathon and shorter distances and really trying to improve some of the areas my running is currently not where I want it to be. And, hopefully, the Chicago Marathon 2019 will be exactly the race I want to run.

Best of luck to everyone in the Chicago Marathon lottery. If you didn’t get a spot and still want to run, there are some great charities out there that would love to have more runners!

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