Happy NYC Marathon Day!

First and foremost, congratulations to everyone who ran the New York City Marathon today! I would have loved to have been there with you, especially since I have a runner’s crush on Peter Ciaccia. But I didn’t make it in to NYC via the lottery, I did make it into Berlin and Chicago via the lottery, and I’m still recovering from a bad knee sustained between Berlin and Chicago (I’m working on race recaps for those, so stay tuned for the whole story). I am planning on running NYC next year, either via lottery or as a charity entry – until then, I’m living vicariously through this years’ runners.

Instead, I had 10 miles on my training schedule for today. I only started back running a week ago, after no running at all after Chicago and only one 4-mile run between Berlin and Chicago. I’ve felt so slow and sluggish and, really, just kind of down on myself. I know this is a temporary situation, but I struggle with being an overachiever (totally serious, I’m actually the example for overachiever syndrome in a book on running half marathons).

But today I put my trust in my training plan and did exactly what my coach told me to. My run intervals felt short and my walk intervals felt painfully long.  I made it through, and I’m giving myself bonus points for doing it all after an 11-hour night shift. I also finished my Strava challenge and had some chocolate milk afterward. So, overall a great run!

The New Balance #RoadToNYC 26.2 Mile Challenge logo

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